Monday, March 16, 2009

No surgery this week

Nicholas is not going to have his hernias repaired this week. His doctor was back on today and she wasn't happy that he hadn't increased his bottle feeds during the week she was gone. She cut him back to 2 a day to see if he can do it with more time to rest in between. She doesn't want to do the hernia repair because she thinks he will need a G-tube and wants to do the hernia and G-tube at the same time. So tomorrow they are going to do an Upper GI to check for reflux. If he is refluxing they are going to start him on Zantac and give him a little more time for the bottle feeds. If not, then we have to talk about doing the G-tube. Roar!


  1. I know this is not the news you guys were looking for and I am sorry!! Lets see how it goes with two bottles and what the upper GI shows! I know ya'll don't want him to have to have the G-tube but that may be what gets him home faster. See you in a few days...

  2. I can only imagine what you are going through. I wish you could have seen how God has touched my life, and when the hours seem darkest, He is there- now and forever. "Hope does not disappoint", and I think that applies to our worldy trials as well. Love to you.