Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Doing Remarkable

Nicholas is doing remarkably well with his recovery according to his doctor. I don't know if we have ever been told he is doing that well before. It is nice to hear for a change. He is back up to 78ml at each feed and still at 4 bottles. He has been doing great with them and is taking them all. I'll probably jinx him now by posting that. His Vapotherm was lowered to 2.5 liters and he is doing really well at that. His surgery area looks less swollen too.


  1. What a great day for Nicholas! We are so happy to hear things are going so well. Keep it up little guy! We love you!

    Aunt Heather and Uncle John :)

  2. I visited Nicholas on Tuesday at lunchtime and he was sleeping and looked very comfortable. The nurse in his room, Cynthia, commented that "he is such a sweet baby" and I agree 100% and more!!! Love you, Nicholas.