Saturday, March 21, 2009

Crabby Boy

Nicholas was pretty crabby today. He didn't like being held and was having some spells. Hopefully when his hernias are fixed he will feel better. His nurse had the surgeon look at his stomach because it sticks out kind of funny. The surgeon said that it is his abdominal muscles that are sticking out. He said the muscles that would form a 6 pack are wide and weak. Having surgery weakened them further but they will go back to normal over time. He is doing ok with his bottles. He took 2 today but didn't take them all last night. They also increased him to 75 ml every feed. They cut down on his calories too. Fortifier is added to my breast milk and they make the formula to be 24 calories per ounce and they changed that to be 22 calories per ounce. He doesn't need the extra calories to gain weight any more. Hopefully he will get some good sleep tonight and be in a better mood tomorrow.

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