Thursday, March 26, 2009

Surgery Complete

Nicholas has his hernia repair today. This is supposed to be a fairly simple and routine procedure, but of course with our child it wasn't it. His hernia on the left side was really big and the surgeon said it was unusual because the intestine was stuck in the hernia sack. He said it was complicated to get out but he got it and everything is fine. He has an incision on each side in the crease where his legs met his pelvic area. He was also circumcised and his man area looks like it hurts. Poor guy. Another day in the life of Nicholas, nothing is normal or easy. The good news is he is already off the ventilator and back on Vapotherm. He was on the vent of 6 hours and after he woke up he was breathing over it and has a very good blood gas so they decided to extubate him. He looked a lot happier without the tube down his throat. He is already back to making his noises and facial expressions. He is at 4 liters of flow right now and they will wean him back down soon. They also plan on starting feeds again tomorrow.

Nicholas also had Grandma and Grandpa visit from Chicago this week. They both held him along with Grandma Matthews. We also found out Nicholas likes being sung to. Grandma Terri sang to him and he stopped fussing and his sats went way up. I'm going to have to learn all the lullabies and he will have to get over me being tone deaf and off key.

Another step closer to coming home. Please pray for a fast recovery and that his breathing and bottle feeding improve.


  1. Glad to hear the surgeries went well. And happy to hear he likes music. He looks very content with Grandma Terri. Prayers continue for all.

  2. What a fantastic way to spend spring break visiting Rin, Mark & Nicholas! Yes, it was wonderful holding that precious little bundle. I could hold Nicholas all day long. He is so adorable. Those big blue eyes open wide when you sing to him and he loved listening to Stan talk to him - in English or Spanish. Can't wait to go back. Today he had a good end result to his surgery. Hope he keeps moving forward and gets home soon. Love to all 3 of you.

  3. I was really glad to hear that Nicholas hernia surgery was finally completed. He really needed it..I wisih I would have had the opportunity to hold Nicholas also. We were going to see about holding him when he was moved to the ward he is in now because the nurse said we could. However Mark and Corinne decided that they did not want us to hold him until they got used to holding him. We honored those wishes. Last Saturday Mark told us that we could go hold him on my Birthday. We were going to go to lunch for my then go hold him. Then it turned out we had to go see Nicholas first to hold him at lunch time. Of course his nurse was at lunch so Mark had to try to make sure Nick was ok by himself without the nurses help. Nick's machine was beeping and he did not seem ok. So we did not hold him. Then his nurse returned from lunch and she had plans to give him his batch so we lost our chance to hold him. We had a late lunch to boot Happ Birthday to me.. I think Terri and Stan were coming in that afternoon also so Mark had to be done with us to be with them...Yesterday Corinne sends us a text and says we can come hold Nick, of course we were working and the only time we could have come hold him was at lunch we both couldn't because we didn't have time, so I told Mary Ann to go so she wouldn't have to be rushed..I wanted to hold Nicholas awhile back...I guess I'll get another chance when time allows....

  4. Dear Corinne,Mark and Baby Nicholas,
    I am so glad all went well today. You must have read my mind because I was hoping to see a picture of Grandma Terri holding
    Nicholas. She looked so adorable holding him.Corinne,it must have been so nice to have your mom there for a few days,she talks about all of you at work every day. She is such a special person and I know it must have been hard to see her leave. Please know that all of us have you in our prayers.

  5. Baby Nicholas,
    You look very content in Grandma Terri's arms! This had to be her best spring break ever! You have so many people who are watching you grow and praying for the day your mommy and daddy can take you home. Keep getting stronger. God bless you, your parents, and all your grandmas and grandpas! You are a very special little boy!