Friday, March 6, 2009

Little Stinker

Nicholas is being a little stinker with his bottles. He is doing worse and not finishing them. He needs to finish all three completely in 20 minutes before they will bump him up to four. Maybe his favorite nurse and get him to cooperate this weekend. :) They did increase him to 65ml every three hours.

His eyes are still Stage 3, Zone 2 ROP so they have not changed and they will check them again in 2 weeks.

Dr. A thinks his hernias might be bothering him and that might have something to do with him not finishing his bottles and having a hard time weaning on the Vapotherm. We are going to talk about scheduling that surgery when she gets back on her next rotation. Hopefully he will increase his bottles by then and we can avoid the G-Tube all together or at least a separate surgery for that.

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