Monday, June 8, 2009

7 Months

Nicholas is 7 months old today! He is doing well. We will get a weight and length update tomorrow at the pediatrician but I would guess he is about 12.5 pounds and 22 inches. He is grabbing for toys more now and tries to roll over. He can get onto his side but then gets stuck. He gets his legs and arms going then gets mad when he can't do what he is trying to. The early interventionist called me last week and said she found a physical therapist and forwarded his file to her. Now we have to wait for the therapist to call us. I hope they hurry up and call because I don't want him to get behind for his adjusted age. I think he might be behind on holding his head up and he needs to be able to do that before we can start cereal with him. Also, we need to work on his neck because he still always has it turned to the right. He can turn it to the left but hardly ever does it.

We got the referral letter and ABR results from the hearing center today. Now we can send that down to MUSC and schedule his evaluations for the cochlear implant. I've been doing a lot of research on the CI to make sure we are doing the right thing and we both feel like we are. The deaf community doesn't really agree with the implant and I don't want to take away the deaf culture for him. But culture is learned and he will be part of our culture and we are part of the hearing community so we think this is the best thing to do. Either choice is going to be a lot of work on both our part and Nicholas'. I found a good website for parents of children with CI's and it answered a lot of our questions.

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