Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rainy Day- Indoor Fun

Nick and his best friend Bella playing together

He loves Jungle time

Contemplating grabbing the dangling things, and soon enough he does.
Not much has been going on with Nicholas this week. I'm back at work full time so Mark is playing Mr. Mom during the day and working at night. So far it is working out well we just never see each other. Nicholas is being a little stinker with his cannula. Mark said when he got home from work last night he found Nicholas sleeping with is completely off his face and in his hand. I hope the pulmonologist says we can take him off of it when we go see him on the 15th. I decided it was time to stop pumping. I cut back on my pumps when Nicholas was in the children's hospital and was down to twice a day. Well I ran out of my expensive medication for milk production and don't want to buy any more. My milk really went down without the pills so I did my last pump the other night. I'm a little sad because it was my milk that helped him so much in the NICU but he got it at the most important time. I pumped for a few days shy of 7 months which is a long time and I've been ready to quit for a while.


  1. Nick is so adorable! I'm glad he has a friend in Bella. Nick is her little puppy. It's hard to believe Nick is deaf because he looks so alert. I pray for all of you frequently and hope Nick continues to get better and better each day. Love, Aunt Pat Matthews

  2. OMG, look at that smile!!! I love it! Oh, I miss him so much, I just want to squeeze him! Corinne, you did soooo good with pumping!! YOU should be very proud of yourself!! Seven months is a very long time especially pumping. Nicholas is so much stronger because you made that decision. I am very proud of you for that!!I hope to see ya'll very soon! I miss you all!!