Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eyes Look Good

Nicholas had an appointment with the retina doctor yesterday. He said his eyes look good (ROP). He is released from that doctor and we have an appointment with a regular eye doctor next month. Just because the ROP looks good doesn't mean his eyesight is good. Preemies have a lot of vision problems so he may still have eye issues. Not much has been going on. We are still waiting on physical therapy to start. We are doing a little bit of stage 1 foods. He is ok with fruits but still doesn't enjoy the beginning of the feeding. Once he realizes it tastes good he is ok. His thumb is his favorite thing. He gets mad if he takes it out of his mouth and then when he finds it and puts it back in he is good. Silly boy.

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  1. Glad to hear he gets to go to a regular eye doc. I know DJ was suppose to have an appt, but things got screwed up. Still no PT. We are starting over, so it may be awhile again. It really sucks. Our PT was from Health Tracks. Our EI is from Healthy Start, we like her. She is here every week. DJ is the same with food, also with thumb....I love it. I think they are so cute with their little thumbs in their mouths. I take it as a great milestone. There is not much that they are able to do, and each and every little thing is amazing.
    I loved the father day pic and the little cubs cute. I am glad Nicholas is doing well. I also loved he had no machines hooked up in that photo. I hope PT and everything else starts up soon. Take Care...TTYL!!!