Friday, June 5, 2009

The Dog the world has come to know

Hello! I am Bella. Pleased to meet you.
This is my new best friend, Nick!

My Daddy and my new Brother

Doing my routine checks on my new best friend

Yeah, I am cute!
Greetings Everyone!!
I am Bella. I am a pure bred Chocolate Lab. I originally belonged to one of Daddy's employees. She didn't want me after just getting me, and was going to let me go to the pound. That was not cool!! Luckily, Daddy came along and would not let that happen. He took me in and now I am the happiest dog ever!!
Just recently, I was introduced to my new best friend, Nicholas. I call him "Nick" because that is what Daddy calls him. Mama calls him Nicholas. Daddy told me he was a special little man, and I needed to take very good care of him. He told me that I would play a big part in his devolpment. I was so happy to help my Daddy, I almost peed on the carpet. Luckily I didn't.
I have standing orders when Daddy is not home but Mama and Nick are. My orders from Daddy are to protect Mama and Nick at all times. I do that very well. Nothing happens without me knowing about it. I hear something I bark. Nick starts crying, I run to him, and alert Mama. Nick gets a poopy diaper, I let Mama know, then I try to eat it. Mama scolds me for that, so I just need to be really sneaky.
I am now "World Famous" because people all over the world look at my brothers blog, and I happen to be in a couple of photos. So anyone that wants to be my modeling agent, I require a lot of car rides, tons of Milk Bones, Rawhide bones, and hours of playing football, baseball, and soccer, just like daddy does with me. Thank you all for reading my Brother's Blog, and keep up the support, and if I ever meet you, I will give you a big Kiss. Unless you try to hurt my brother, then I will be your worst nightmare.

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