Monday, June 15, 2009

No More Oxygen

Nicholas had an appointment with the pulmonologist today. The doctor took him off oxygen! He said he should be ready to come off the apnea monitor in another month. It will be so much easier to carry him around the house now. He even took a nap in his crib today. He had never even been in his room before because the oxygen tube wasn't long enough. Plus, we get to see his cute little face without anything on it. Mark also took him for a quick NICU visit and saw some of our favorite nurses. Thanks again to all the NICU nurses, doctors, and RT's that kept him alive and got him healthy enough to come home. He is doing great!


  1. YAY!!!!!
    I am so happy!!! DJ stays off his apnea monitor during the day, but when he sleeps at night I still put him on it. I am trying to wean myself off of it at night. His ped is going to have them come get it next month. I of course will still worry and will always worry.
    It is so wonderful not having him hooked up. You wont know what to do.
    My husband was asking about Nicholas so I stopped by to check on him, we are glad the oxygen is off and he is doing so well.
    DJ goes to the pulmonologist, Dr. Brown, and his Nephrologist, Dr. Holleman, next week for check ups.
    Also finally the PT came out and did a full elevation. I did not like her. She had an attitude on the phone and when she came she was even worse. She talked back at me. Everything she suggested I do, I already did, but she said I wasn't and even wrote in her report that I don't do anything with him and had both of his ages incorrect. Making him older. His motor skills according to her are only at 3 months...his ped and EI both put him at 4 months closer to his adjusted age, which is where he should be. He does have some issues with his legs, but she is not going to address them until I get his trunk control under control. Blah....So to rant. We just waited so long and it was crappy. I am better off doing the research and doing it myself.
    I hope things go better for you.
    Well I am off to the store.
    TAKE CARE!!!!

  2. Yay!! Was a cutie pie!! We need to get together again soon!!!

  3. What a cutie is what I meant:)

  4. A great milestone for little Nicholas! So happy to see that he is breaking away from the equipment and is more mobile. Kudos to Mom and Dad for all you have done to contribute to his remarkable progress. God Bless!

  5. I know Nicholas did not like the cannula and would do everything possible to take it out. He is such a blessing and is loved by so many people. He is still known as our "prayer baby" where I work. Mark and Corinne are super parents who are doing a fantastic job with Nicholas. Love to all of you.