Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Therapy and CI Evaluation

Our early interventionist came out yesterday to see Nicholas. She worked on tracking with him and he did really well. He followed her from one side to the other. She also called a speech therapist to tell her about Nick's hearing and see when we should start speech therapy. The therapist she found is a cochlear implant specialist and wants to start right away. Speech therapy will help with communication. They have to get a prescription for the therapy from his pediatrician then will call us for an evaluation. The physical therapy is ready to go but the therapist is on vacation right now. When she gets back we should have our evaluation and get that going too.

I heard from the cochlear implant center at MUSC today and they have him scheduled for his four evaluations on Aug. 27. He has to see an audiologist, a speech therapist, have a CT of his head and meet with the surgeon. They were able to schedule all four in one day instead of two since we are coming from out of town. That was nice but it means for a long day. I'm glad things have finally started moving and Nick's schedule might be getting a little busier soon.

1 comment:

  1. Awe he's getting so big!
    And doing GREAT!!!
    Good luck on everything with the speech and the implant. I wish we would have gotten Kenny speech therapy much earlier than just now. He gets so frustrated because of not hearing so well and unable to communicate!
    Love the updates!!!!