Sunday, February 7, 2010

Back to Surgey Tomorrow

Friday night Nicholas' neurosurgeon tried pushing in the big bubble of fluid to see if it would go down with pressure. It didn't so he decided not to wrap his head and to just wait and see what happens with the swelling. He has been eating well and keeping it down. He has also been happy and active. He isn't showing signs of a malfunction but we know something is wrong because of the swelling.

Yesterday his incision started leaking fluid. The surgeon on call came and drained a lot of fluid out and added a few more stitches. He also wrapped his head. Nicholas got the wrapping off twice already.

Today they discussed and came up with a new plan since the swelling came back after the fluid was drained. So tomorrow they are going to make an incision in his abdomen and pull the tubing out to see if they can get it to drain. If it doesn't drain they are going to do an external shunt temporarily. Then they will move the shunt to the left side of his head and get rid of his fourth ventricle shunt.

This will put the shunt where his cochlear implant is supposed to go. Everything will be removed from the right side so the implant should be able to go on the right. That surgery might get pushed back because of all these shunt problems.

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