Monday, February 1, 2010

Another surgery

Nicholas had another CT on Saturday night. The ventricles looked fine so the neurosurgeons really didn't know what was going on. So they came up with three options. Go in and clamp off the second shunt since all these problems seem to have started after he got his second shunt, go in an put in a bigger valve or go in and make a new burr hole. We agreed to do the least invasive one which was to clamp off the second shunt. After the surgery the neurosurgeon came to talk to us and she said he was already moving around and the swelling was less firm meaning it had started to drain. He was put in the PICU and seemed to be doing a lot better. Last night he started drinking formula and kept it down. He has been awake and looked good. We just gave him another bottle, he drank less than an ounce and threw up. So we have no idea what is going on now. All the neurosurgeons are in surgery right now and will be in to see him sometime late this afternoon.

We rescheduled his appointments at MUSC for Feb. 18. His audiologist did not say that will push back his surgery so I'm assuming he will still get the CI on March 9.

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