Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Surgery #13

Nicholas is back in surgery. The swelling and vomiting never went away so they did another CT and a shunt o'gram (x-ray) this morning. His right lateral ventricle was very enlarged. They are thinking that all the fluid under the skin (his head and face and the big goose egg where the incision is) is from CSF going around the catheter and up the burr hole and escaping. So they are going to make a new burr hole and move the shunt about half an inch back. The doctor said that when they keep doing revisions sometimes they have to make a new burr hole because the hole just gets too big from all the work done in it. This one one of the three options they gave us on Sunday. For now they are going to keep the 4th ventricle shunt clamped off but that could change in the future. Hopefully this will fix everything.

His appointments at MUSC were changed to March 4. His cochlear implant surgery will still be on March 9.

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