Saturday, February 20, 2010


So 2 people from the neurosurgery team did rounds this morning. They say that they consult with the pediatric neurosurgeon but still have no clue what is going on. How can they be a team if only one doctor knows what is happening? Nicholas still doesn't want to eat so we were feeding him by syringe. He kept 4oz of formula and 4 oz of applesauce down yesterday but threw up 1 oz of formula this morning. The "team" said his CT is fine and asked if peds is following him; even though his actual neurosurgeon told me yesterday that by looking at his scans the 4th ventricle needs to be shunted but he is reluctant to do that since we already have. So the "team" is asking for peds to figure out why he won't eat and is vomiting since his scan looks good. So we'll see what happens and if peds orders more tests, xrays, whatever of his GI tract to find out why he is having issues. Maybe they will diagnose him with the stomach flu again like they did during one of our ER visits when he really had a shunt malfunction. Dr. Mom thinks that he probably needs the 4th ventricle shunt and the not eating and vomiting is Hydrocephalus related and not GI problems. The GI doctor looked at the ultrasound of his gallstone and said it is very small and he isn't showing symptoms of that being a problem so he started him on meds.

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