Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let The Testing Begin

Neurosurgery repeated the head CT, Shunt O'gram, and abdominal ultrasound this morning. Everything looks the same as it did last week. His ns is still reluctant to do a 4th ventricle shunt because his last one didn't do any good. So now they are going to do all kinds of testing to rule out any other reason why he isn't eating. They are starting with ENT and GI. He lost his IV from last Wednesday and couldn't find a vein to start a new one so he is going to have to get another central line. Hopefully these tests will be done quickly and they figure out what is wrong. Friday will be a month in the hospital. :(

P.S. I will take some pictures tonight!

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  1. I pray for you and your family everyday! Nick is such a strong little boy! And he is so lucky to have two parents that care so much about him!! I pray he will be out of the hospital soon! I put him on the prayer list at my church so now he has got a bunch of people praying for him!! Nothing like the power of prayer!! Good luck and hope they figure out what the problem is!