Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Good Day

Nicholas had a good day today. They took him off of Nasal IMV and he is back on Vapotherm. That was fast! He was doing pretty good on it and only dropped his heart rate a few times but got it back up quickly.

They decided not to do another hip ultrasound because the first one was normal and his labs have been good. His C Reactive Protein is still a little high but it is down from last week. His blood counts have returned to normal. The blood and CSF cultures are still negative at day 3. They still want to do a lumbar puncture and test his spinal fluid for infection.

His feeds are the same as yesterday. Once he is stable on the Vaportherm they are going to switch his feedings to every few hours rather than continuous. If he handles that, they will try a bottle.

We saw Dr. Smith and he said that they are planning on doing the shunt surgery probably the week after next.
He is a big boy now too. 18.5 inches and 5 lb. 6 oz.

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