Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wow, What a Day!

Today was a pretty stressful day for us. We got a call around lunch that Nicholas' hip ultrasound showed fluid in the joint. They said they were going to have the orthopedic doctor look at it and decide if they want to draw out the fluid to test for infection. Then I got a call from the orthopedic doctor around 2 pm saying they decided to take Nicholas to surgery to do an incision and drainage of his hips. They said that the fluid being there probably meant that the bacteria, MSSA, made its way to the the hip joints. So we got to the hospital around 3 and they were still on for surgery at 4. The anaesthesiologist was in the NICU and everything. Then at the last minute a pediatric radiologist said the fluid in his hips that showed up on the ultrasound was normal. It isn't normal in an adult but a little fluid is ok in babies. So surgery was called off. Thank God, he doesn't need another one. They are going to repeat the ultrasound tomorrow to see if the fluid has increased. If the fluid increases he might have to go to surgery. They don't think he will though because there isn't any swelling or redness and he is moving around. If they were infected he would be in pain and not moving.

They changed his antibiotics again today. The bacteria he has is resistant to oxicillans so they put him on two different antibiotics that are not oxicillans. He has MSSA which is a very aggressive bacteria. It can cause puss pockets to form and the antibiotics won't be able to get inside. Hopefully they caught it in time. His blood culture from last weekend has not grown anything yet.

They increased his feeds to 16.3 ml an hour.

And... he is off the vent. They extubed him and put him back on Nasal IMV.

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  1. Corinne, Bob and I watch Nicholas' journey and admire his strength. Prayers continue for him and for you and Mark.

    Hugs to all,