Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nicholas likes the bottle

Nicholas had another good day. They increased his bottle feeds to 2 a day but he can only do it for 10 minutes so he doesn't tire himself out. At his 5 pm feed he took all 55 ml from the bottle in like 12 minutes. He did well during it and he de-sated a little but brought it back up on his own. I'm so proud of him.

His nurses thought he might be having reflux after he eats because he would have a lot of spells where he would de-sat and drop his heart rate. The doctor confirmed that today so they are going to start him on Zantac after his surgery. I don't know why they are waiting, he has 3 more days of eating before surgery.

Physical Therapy has started working with him. He did well today and he will get it 3 times a week. They work on things like range of motion, staying in a mid line position, following objects, calming themselves down. There was a checklist on his crib but that is what I remember without the list. The only thing that wasn't checked was lifting head from the prone position. I guess he is fine with that. They set up Speech Therapy too. They work with eating issues and will feed him and watch how he swallows. He seems to have no problem with that since he hasn't choked while taking a bottle.

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