Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Due Date!

So today is the day Nicholas was supposed to be born. He sure has been through a lot- 5 surgeries, an infection, he couldn't breathe, couldn't pee, couldn't poop. He has gained over 4 pounds and 5 inches. He sure is a little fighter and has a few more hurdles to get over then he will be home. They are thinking some time in April he will be ready.

He is doing really well today. He is awake and alert. They started his feeds back up and his is getting half of what he was. He was weaned on the ventilator and they are hoping to extubate and put him on Vapotherm either tonight or tomorrow. He is breathing over the vent and is fighting it. He definitely wants that tube out of his throat.

The neurosurgeon removed his bandages and said he is looking good. It really doesn't look bad. I could only see his head in the position he was in and I could hardly see the tubing. I couldn't see behind his ear or on his neck to see it there.


  1. He is a fighter and Matt loved the Bear pics he said it was crazy to see how much he has progressed!! We love this little fella and can't wait to play with him:)

  2. Nicholas, Grandma is so proud of you. And when you are old enough to understand I will tell you this also. Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you also. Love you lots.