Thursday, February 26, 2009

So much better with a shunt

Nicholas is doing so good. He is off the vent and back on vapotherm. He is doing very good and isn't dropping his heart rate or desatting like he was before the shunt. We got to see the right side of his head today and the shunt tubing is very noticeable on his head. Not as much on his neck though. That's ok, he will grow into it and grow hair to cover it. Until then we will put a hat on him when we are in public so we don't have people asking us about it. He is also back up to full feeds and off the antibiotic so he is IV free! He had an eye exam today and I didn't here from the eye doctor or nurse so I'm assuming his eyes look good. They will do another one next week. He is recovering well and we can already see an improvement in him from having the shunt.