Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Surgery went well



Nicholas had his laser eye surgery for ROP today and they said he did very well. His eyes are red and swollen right now and will be for a few days. He will get an ointment put in them every 4 hours and they will do an exam on Monday to check for any irritation. It takes about 2 weeks before they can tell if they surgery was a success. If it isn't, they will do it again. They said he got a lot of laser to his left eye but not as much to his right and that his right eye was more mature. He was given a paralytic, a sedative, and painkillers and was still pretty out of it when I left. He should wake up and start moving around tonight. They put in his orders to extubate him and put him back on Vapotherm when he wakes up if the respiratory therapist thinks he is ok for it. No feeds until tomorrow at the earliest and he is on IV nutrients again.

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  1. It is good that this was caught now...I heard it is so much more difficult as one get older.. Our prayers are with him as always....