Sunday, February 1, 2009


Nicholas' blood culture from Thursday came back positive for a staph infection. The antibiotics he is on should kill it. They are going to test the bacterial that grew on several antibiotics to find out which one it is most sensitive to and give Nicholas that one. They are having infectious disease people come and look at him tomorrow, which is routine with this type of bacteria. They are also going to do ultrasounds on his heart and hips because the bacteria likes to attach to those places. The Dr. said clinically he isn't acting sick which is a good thing. His labs were better today than they were Thursday. His C Reactive Protein level went down which is good. They are going to repeat blood and CSF cultures tonight.


  1. He looks so comfortable sleeping on his tummy. Your extended family in St. Louis are keeping you in our prayers. Nicholas has been so strong in overcoming his past medical obstacles. We are confident he will quickly get past this one too.

  2. I've been following your blog since you posted on iVillage. Keeping your little guy in my prayers that he beats this infection quickly!

  3. BTW patrick had that outfit!!So cute to see him in clothes!