Monday, December 22, 2008

Evening update

I just got home from the hospital and have some news on Nicholas. He is down to 79% on his oxygen. It is better than where he was this morning but it is still way too high and he really needs to get off the oscillator. His swelling is still going down but he looks pretty much normal. He is able to open his eyes now too.

The doctors think he may have had a seizure last night. If he did, it could be caused just by his prematurity or because of his brain bleed. It could also be an infection in his reservoir in his head. I was looking back at my notes from the neurologist and he told me there is a 5% chance of a reservoir becoming infected. If that is class, since the reservoir is a plastic tube and can't be sterilized with antibiotics, it will have to be removed and replaced. Hopefully it is not an infection in his reservoir since that means another surgery and Nicholas is no where near stable enough for surgery. They have him on a medication to prevent more seizures right now and will do an EEG when he is off the oscillator.

He also had a small fever last night but it was gone this morning. The doctor said it might just have been because he was so active yesterday. He may have just worked himself up. They took samples of blood, urine and spinal fluid to test for infections. The results can take up to 5 days to come in since some bacteria takes that long to show up.

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