Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pee and Eyes

Nicholas had very good urine output today. He had 65 ml between 6am and 3pm and about 100 ml between 3pm and 6pm. Way to go Nick! He needs to keep it up. The doctor said the next few days are the most critical and will pretty much determine his fate. He needs to get all the excess fluid out so his blood pressure can stabilize and he can get off the epinephrine and dopamine. They can't try feeds until the fluid is gone and the longer he is without food the worse it is for his bones and liver. We still don't know if his digestive system is going to work yet. Hopefully his surgery fixed everything, he can digest food, and avoid a third stomach surgery.

Nick had his first eye exam today. Preemies are at rick for ROP,Retinopathy of prematurity. The blood vessels in the eyes are premature and sometimes don't develop correctly. Instead of growing where they should they can grow behind the retina and cause it to detach and cause blindness. His eyes looked good today and he will have another exam in 2 weeks. This disease shows up more as they mature so when Nick gets closer to my original due date we will have a better idea of how his eyes are.

He had an echo cardiogram today and his PDA looked closed because the tech couldn't even see it. That is good news and another surgery avoided.

He was put back on the oscillator last night. His blood gases have improved today and are good for where his settings are now.

He made some progress but is no where near being out of the woods. The next few days will tell us where he is headed since there isn't any other drug they can give him besides the Dopamine and Epinephrine for his blood pressure. He needs to continue to pee and rid himself of the fluid and everything else will start working properly.

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