Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Successful Surgery

Nicholas had part 2 of his stomach surgery yesterday, Dec. 16. He did very well. Dr. Glasser had to remove two small segments of his small intestine. There should be no long term effects from the surgery. Hopefully this will be the last one on his stomach. As long as he doesn't get a new perforation or have any scar tissue issues, we are in good shape. Once Nicholas poops they will try milk again. They are estimating about a week to let him heal and get everything moving again.

Dr. Glasser was also nice enough to stitch in his Broviac line! Kangaroo Time! Once Nick's tummy heals and he is stable enough, Mark and I should be able to do Kangaroo Care.

I'm adding more pictures so scroll down to older posts to see them all.

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