Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Little Progress

We talked to Dr. Amarnath tonight at the hospital and she said that Nicholas is a little better today. He is down a little on both the oscillator settings and his oxygen. The settings are still at a moderate level and Dr. Amarnath said maybe by this weekend they will move him to the ventilator. She said it is better to leave him on the oscillator longer than moving him off of it too soon.

Nicholas still hasn't pooped so they are concerned about his intestines again. They could just be healing slowly, just like the rest of this recovery, or there could be a blockage again. She said that after surgery scar tissue could form and make the openings very thin which will cause things to move slowly. They are going to give him a few more days to rest and recover before they give him a suppository and do a dye test.

He is still have good urine output but they don't want him to become dehydrated so they are taking him off the Lasix, the diuretic. Next they are going to try to wean him off of the Dopamine, which he is on for his low blood pressure. Every medication he comes off of is a good thing.

So far no infection has shown up in his urine, blood, or spinal fluid. We still have a few days to go before we are in the clear with that. He is on a new antibiotic just to be safe.

They did an ultrasound on his brain today. The ventricles where the spinal fluid collects have gotten smaller. That is good and means they are draining enough fluid from his brain everyday, 15 ml.

His echo cardiogram showed the PDA in his heart has gotten smaller. They are going to let it go and hope it closes completely on its own. They are going to monitor it still but for now we have avoided heart surgery.

Overall it was a pretty good day. He is slowly moving in the right direction and it looks like we have avoided 2 surgeries for now.

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