Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Two steps forward, one step back

Nicholas has continued to improve since yesterday. His is way down on his oxygen, which is wonderful. He is in the 30's. They were able to lower the Dopamine for his low blood pressure. He pooped with the help of a suppository. That means things are able to move all the way through his intestines. There is still some air/gas showing up in the x-rays so they are going to continue giving him a suppository for a few days. His brain ultrasound looked good and they are lowering the amount of fluid they are draining each day from 15 ml to 10ml. They will continue to do ultrasounds and the neurologist will determine how much and how often they drain his reservoir.

The step back is that Nicholas stopped peeing again. They took him off the Lasix last night to see if he will pee on his own and he didn't. He swelled up a little too and is back on the Lasix. He is producing urine with the help of the diuretic. Dr. Amarnath said he is just recovering slowly and they will let him go at his pace.


  1. Every day I look forward to hearing about how Nicholas is progressing. I flip through the pictures Rin and Mark have taken of Nicholas and I am filled with an incredible amount of love for this little guy and his parents. He is a special gift indeed. The very best Christmas present would be for his continued improvement. Merry Christmas to all and especially Rin, Mark and baby Nicholas.

  2. Indeed, a little progress and and a little non-progress. I'm his
    grandmother Terri's husband and we just returned from Mass. It was a
    Hispanic Liturgy where I had the honor of reading a passage from the Prophet
    Isaiah in Spanish to a community filled with many woes but hope in
    their hearts.
    Many of us wait and watch as Nicholas grows. May the newborn King of
    Glory fill us all with his power and love, starting with Nicholas.