Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nick's Very Bad Day

So, today has been a very bad day for Nicholas. He still isn't having much urine output and is very swollen. This is causing his blood pressure to be low because his heart can't contract like it should because of all the weight and pressure the fluid is putting on his heart. The Dopamine hasn't increased his blood pressure so they started him on what they call a "code" drug. This is basically a last resort to get his blood pressure to increase. If his blood pressure does not go up his heart will fail. So Nick really, really needs to pee right now and keep on peeing until he gets rid of all that fluid.

Mark and I both got to hold him today. They didn't want us to get the bad call without ever holding him. We were both so excited to hold him but wish it was because he was doing good and not potentially at the end of his time with us.

Nick was moved back to the regular ventilator yesterday. They also stopped his antibiotics from his stomach surgery. One of the side effects of the antibiotics is that they effect the kidneys. So, getting him off the antibiotics could help with the peeing.

We ask everyone to pray for pee and an increase in blood pressure and that God lets Nick stay with us.

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  1. I hate that he is not doing good but I am so happy that you both got to hold him! Love the family pics:) We will be praying for that little fellow!!!