Thursday, December 25, 2008

A little progress for Christmas

Merry Christmas. This has been a really hard past few days for Mark and I. It isn't easy to celebrate or be happy when you have a sick baby in the hospital. We were hoping to be able to Kangaroo him by Christmas but we still haven't been able to. Next year we can celebrate.

Nicholas has petty much stayed the same as yesterday. His urine output picked up a little but he is still swollen. He is down to 27-30% on is oxygen and they decreased the pressure on the oscillator a little bit.


  1. Two hours to go. Seven weeks. Seven is a lucky number. Good thing Heather and John are there for the family. Corinne and Mark need some support!

  2. Christmas has always been about family. Corrine and Mark spent a few hours with us for diner and exchanging presents on Christmas day. Mark had to go to work right after. I agree with Stan, it is good time of year for family to be visiting, especially this year..