Sunday, December 14, 2008

Surgery news

Nicholas will have part two of his stomach surgery this week. Tuesday if they can fit him in, if not, Thursday for sure. Dr. Glasser will check his intestine for blockage since he wasn't able to digest milk or Pedialite. Depending on what he finds this will be his last stomach surgery or he might have to have another on. I asked him about the Broviac line and he is also going to look at it and see if he can stitch it down.

Nick's nurse practitioner had a snoopy scrub shirt on today! I asked he about the Broviac being stitched and she said she asked Dr. Glasser to try and stitch it too. She said he has been stable and in good shape for surgery. I told her it would be a great Christmas present for me to be able to Kangaroo him. Kangaroo Care is skin to skin contact. They place the baby on your bare chest and you can hold them there for hours. It is good for both baby and parent.

I asked about his PDA and she said they are doing an echo cardiogram on Tuesday. They still hear a murmur so they think it is still open but he isn't showing signs that it is bothering him. He is too big for the medicine now so they will let it heal on its own as his muscles get stronger.

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