Monday, December 22, 2008

Still recovering

Nicholas is still recovering from his stomach surgery last Tuesday. His kidney ultrasound showed no abnormalities in his kidneys. He started to produce urine in the middle of the night Saturday. He has been having great output and is a lot less swollen. He still has a lot of excess fluid in him and his eyes are still swollen shut. Poor little guy. He was very active yesterday while we were there and appeared to be awake but he couldn't open his eyes.

His lungs are not recovering well. Nicholas is still on the high pressure ventilator, the oscillator. This ventilator gives 240 short, quick breaths a minute compared to up to 45 large breaths on the regular ventilator. Because he was so swollen, his lungs were squished and couldn't expand enough to be on the regular vent so he was put on the oscillator. The oscillator is a step backwards but the good thing is that it doesn't scar the lungs as much as the regular ventilator. We still want Nicholas to move back to the regular ventilator ASAP and wean off of that and on to CPAP. CPAP is the breathing machine that is a step above the ventilator. It pushes oxygen in through the nose rather than the lungs and does not cause scarring. Nick's oxygen level has also gone up. He had been at a really good level with the oxygen for quite a while but was up to 50-75% yesterday and he is at 100% today. We need that to go down to 21% which is what we breathe or room air. High levels of oxygen is also bad for his eyes.

Nick's electrolytes, sodium, calcium, and blood sugar are still not where they should be and his blood pressure is still very low. They are doing everything they can to correct this but his body is just taking a long time to get over the surgery. Poor little guy has gone through so much and is such a fighter. Hopefully he will make it over this hurdle soon and keep moving forward.

Oh, Mommy watched the nurse practitioner drain his reservoir on Sat. and didn't pass out. The spinal fluid that they took out looked good. They want it to be clear and not have anything floating in it. It kind of looks like a darker urine, which is good.

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