Friday, December 19, 2008

Rough Recovery

Nicholas is having a pretty rough recovery from his surgery. He is back on the oscillator, the high pressure ventilator. He hasn't been on that since right after he was born. His heart rate is high and his blood pressure is low.

The most important thing right now is that he really needs to pee. His kidneys aren't producing any urine so his body can't yet rid of any fluids. He is very swollen right now and because he isn't peeing his electrolytes are off and we need those to get back to normal. They are having a kidney specialist come look at him and increasing his dose of Lasix, which is a diuretic.
Please pray that Nicholas pees and he can recover from his surgery.


  1. I heard from my son, Daddy Mark, today 12/20 that Nicholas has started to pee and that his kidneys are ok. I was glad to hear this.. My heart goes out to Nicholas' Mom and Dad I know how hard this must be for them. I am especially proud of his Dad, my son for being so attentive in every part of Nicholas' progress...

  2. Glad to hear about the pee!! Corinne, you and Mark are so strong!! Keep it up! We will keep praying for little Nicholas:)