Friday, January 2, 2009

Another good day

Holding Mama's finger.

Surrounded by pillows.

Calming down crabby boy.

Nicholas had another good day today. He was weaned down on the Dopamine for his blood pressure because it has stayed up in the range they want it in. He still has to go down some more before they will stop it completely.

They stopped the Lasix, the diuretic, completely and his urine output has really slowed down. They may have to start it back up tonight or give him a different diuretic.

Dr. Marsh said that he wants to start feeds sooner than later. Nick will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and still has not eaten. They want him to be completely off the Dopamine before they feed him. His stomach x-ray looked good today and didn't show any blockages.

Nicholas was pretty cranky today and was crying a lot. His nurse said he had finally settled down and was sleeping when I called tonight.

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