Friday, January 2, 2009

Dad's Entry

Nick is looking up. Things are falling into place for the time being. He still has a long way to go, and no promise of being home bound yet. Corinne and I have been knocked down so many times, almost been counted out, but we still get up to take more. We do it because we know that Nick needs us to be positive, and upbeat every time we see him, no matter what may be going on with him at the time. That is the thing. Although Nick cannot function like a normal child at this time, he can still hear, see, and sense our emotions. I know when I look at him, he seems normal, and I want to pick him up, and take him home. But I know inside he is very ill. His organs are not functioning properly, and he is in pain. No matter what, I try my hardest to be happy and soft spoken when I see him. He needs that positive influence around him. He needs to know he is loved and there are people there on his side. He may not have gotten this far if we hadn't been doing the things we do. Nick is like being in an antique store. You have to be careful of everything you touch or do or you may break something, then you have to buy it.
Corinne and I know he is fighting. Corinne and I know he may not survive. We both know that he needs our love and support. He needs your love and support too.

Just as I tell my employees when they are having a bad day, or screw up. You have to be positive and not give up. If life were meant to be easy, we would have been given detailed guidelines.

I hope this is more positive than my last entry. It gets to me at times. Thank You All!

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  1. Well, he certainly has some color. Maybe he's starting an early summer tan. Someone needs to tell Nicholas, "Either urine or you're out". Okay, how about, "We're all here for you!!!!"