Sunday, January 4, 2009


Very calm today.
Swollen but still cute.

Sleepy baby.

Nick doing opera.

Nicholas was 8 weeks old yesterday at 11:58pm.
The x-ray of Nicholas' stomach looked very good and the gas has moved along to where it should be. He also had 3 stools yesterday so they are starting him on a tiny bit of milk today. We will know about 4 hours after they give it to him if he can digest it.

He still isn't really peeing. His output has been about 1cc per hour per kg. A normal output is 2-4cc per hour per kg. They put him on a dose of Lasix(diuretic) every 6 hours instead of a continuous drip. We are waiting to see if it works and if it doesn't, he will have to go back on the drip. He is a little more swollen than yesterday.

His lung x-ray and blood gases have been good so they were able to wean him a little on the oscillator. He will probably be on the oscillator until he starts peeing and gets rid of excess fluid again.

Overall, the doctor said he is doing better and it has been a good week despite his poor urine output.


  1. Corrine, Mark and Nicholas,
    Know that you are in my prayers. I am watching your postings about Nicholas' progress and thank you for them. You are doing a wonderful job as mommmy and daddy. Take care of yourselves.
    Marilyn Dale

  2. I just got a text from Mom about how Nicholas is doing today. He seems to be peeing more, which is what is needed. Keep it up little guy!

    Aunt Heather:)