Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brain and Eyes

Nicholas had his brain ultrasound today. It showed that the ventricles are still dilated so they are increasing the amount of CSF they take out each day to 25cc. They want to give him some more time to grow and get stronger before they do the shunt. He will probably need a VA shunt which means there will be a catheter that connects a ventricle in his brain to an atrium in his heart where the CSF will drain. He can't have the most common VP shunt connecting to his abdomen because of scar tissue from his other surgeries.

His eyes have progressed to Stage 1, Zone 2 ROP. That means the blood vessels have started to grow and move outward. This is just from being born premature. ROP has 4 stages with 4 being the worst and needing surgery. The ROP can continue to progress, stay the same, or regress. They will do another exam in 2 weeks.

His feeds have stayed at 14.8ml an hour but they added more fortifier to increase his calories to 24 per ml.

They wrote orders to have his Broviac removed and that will probably be tomorrow when a surgeon is available.

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