Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goodbye Oscillator!

Still so tiny.

So comfy.

Nicholas had a wonderful day today. He was taken off the oscillator and moved to the conventional ventilator this morning. His blood gases have been good and he has been stable on it all day. He is still off the dopamine and his blood pressure is good. It doesn't need to be checked every hour anymore since it isn't low so he doesn't have to constantly wear the blood pressure cuff. I'm sure he is happy that is finally off of him. He continues to have good urine output and no residuals from his feeds. They are planning on weaning him off of the hydrocortizone next and might increase his milk by a tiny bit tomorrow. He looked so comfy with the flexible ventilator tubes and all bundled up in his snugly. I hope we never see the oscillator again!


  1. Corinne,
    So happy to hear the good news. Prayers continue.


  2. We have been following your blog from the first day. Our prayers and thoughts have been with you for every step forward and every step back. It does our hearts good to watch Nicholas improve as he has improved this past week. He is a real cutie...OK, he is so handsome! I guess that is what little boys are (according to my daughter Alicia...the one with three boys). Give each other hugs from us...Nicholas too.

    Aunt Pat