Friday, January 23, 2009

Big Day!

Nicholas did not like his breathing treatment at all!

Sucking on his paci.

No Nasal IMV!

Nicholas had a big day today. They decided to try him on Vapotherm. This gives him a high flow of oxygen through his nose but he isn't getting any breaths. So he is doing all the breathing himself just getting a big flow of air coming in. They have the IMV at his bedside still just in case he needs to go back on that.

He is up to 13.5ml an hour of milk which is full feeds! They discontinued his IV fluids so he is getting only milk. They weaned his hydrocortizone a little again. He also had a pacifier that he was sucking away on.

Mommy got to do Kangaroo Care for the first time today. He slobbered all over the tape holding his feeding tube in place so it came out and I got milk all over my chest. That's ok, they just put it back in and he was good to go. He was cold so I didn't get to kangaroo for long.

It was a very big day for him. He is on a better breathing machine and he is at full feeds. Please pray that he continues to move forward.


  1. Patrick enjoyed seeing his buddy Nicholas tonight! Go Nick! We love seeing your awesome progress!!

  2. Corinne,
    We are part of the same expecting club on ivillage and I recently saw your update post and have been following your blog the last few days. I am so inspired by the strength of your family. We are awaiting the arrival of our third babe, 38 weeks along now, and I am struggling mentally. Our second was stillborn on Feb 5/08 due to a chromosomal condition...I had been coping really well until the last week or so & Nicholas helps me to remember that even when the odds are against us we can make it through. This baby is healthy, to the best of our knowledge, but I can't help but worry - your story and Nicholas' determination give me strength. Thank you for sharing...

  3. I have realized that you guys are being an inspiration to others by being loving parents. When it comes down to it, nothing says more or means more than simply loving a child whose whole world is dependent upon you. You both have been thrust into a situation that would appear overwhelming to most. But both of you have pushed forward, remained strong and committed, and ultimately, have shown that simply being loving parents can help heal anything.