Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Big Boy!

I forgot the camera so this picture is from last Saturday.

Nicholas is up to 5 lb. 3 oz. What a chunky monkey! They are using his actual weight now and not an adjusted one any more. They increased his milk by another ml an hour so he is up to 11 per hour. He is tolerating it well. They also weaned a little more on his hydrocortizone. He had a bad blood gas over night so his IMV setting went up to 35 breaths per minute. The blood gases since the increase have been good.


  1. Wow, big guy. When you grow up you can say, "Heck, George Bush was President when I was born." Soemday I'll tell you who was President when I was born-it'll be a shocker, dude.

  2. Great Grandma Elsie stopped by today, and she thinks you are just adorable, Nicholas!