Friday, January 9, 2009

Dad's inspirational motivation

There was a speed skater named Dan Jansen. He was a speed skater that always fell short. He would take one step forward and ten steps back; always when it came to competing. He would either wipe out or just fall short of winning. Throughout the 94 Winter Olympics, he was criticized and mocked for even trying to compete. ESPN constantly bashed him, Saturday Night Live made insulting skits about him, hell even CNN made fun of him.

On his first two runs in the 94 Olympics, he did what the world expected. Dan Jansen wiped out twice.

In the 92 Olympics his sister passed away as he was in Calgary. He still competed, and still wiped out. He was given the Olympic Spirit Award. An award given to athletes who compete through diversity.

In his last run that he would ever do in the winter Olympics ever again. Dan Jansen lined up at the starting line, praying he just did not wipe out and just finish. When the gun went off, Dan zipped out of the gate, and was skating at mind blowing speed. He finished shattering the 1000 meter world record, came in first, and landed the Gold Medal.

Wow! That has been my motivation whenever life throws me a curve ball. I am passing that on to my son. Nick is my little Dan Jansen. Through all of his adversity, and tragedy, he is still not giving up. He refuses to listen to the Doctors' worst case scenarios, and continues to move forward. Even when I lost hope, he never did. He gives me hope every time I see him move his arms and legs, every time he opens his eyes. He is going to make it people.

I want my son to come home, grow up, and become strong enough to where he can go back to the hospital and find all the doctors and show them how much he has overcome. Nick is doing great. He just needs to keep it up. NICK RULES!!!

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