Friday, January 23, 2009

Dad speaks

Thank you all for your support, and visiting our page. You have no idea how much we appreciate the fact that people from all over the world are visiting our son. HE has been doing so well lately, that daddy has actually been sleeping at night, and was able to focus on his work. Nick has a ways to go yet, but Mama's milk is the key right now. My boy is wearing clothes now, eating, pooping and peeing. Also if you listen carefully, you can hear a squeak from when he trys to cry. You can't hear it totally due to the feeding tube in his throat.
I encourage everyone to keep visiting our son, and thank you so much for the support. Me, My wife, My Son, Thank You For all your support.

I know all parents say this about their kids, but I am more accurate than anyone. My son is hands down, by far the sweetest, and most beautiful baby out there. Anyone that disagrees, just know that I am right and you are wrong. HA Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Keep the support coming, and when Nick comes home, everyone is invited to our house for a welcome home party. I will provide the Beer and Steaks!

Go Nick!

Nick For President in 2043!

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