Thursday, January 8, 2009

Double the Milk

Peek A Boo, I see you.

This is what I call the beached whale position.
I can't wait until he is off the oscillator and can have some tummy time.

Nicholas had a good day today. He was tolerating 1/2 cc an hour of milk so well they increased his feeds to 1 cc an hour. He had a tiny residual this morning but has digested the rest. What a good boy! He also had 2 poops so things are moving alone. He sure has been a pooping machine these past few days.

His urine output is still excellent. He was at 7.2 cc per kg per hour during the day shift today. He is still on a renal level of the Dopamine and they changed his dose of Lasix to every 12 hours rather than every 8. He looks about the same as yesterday and his skin is starting to look saggy. He still has more to lose but he has to be close to getting it all out.

His oscillator settings have been good but they want him to get rid of all the fluid before they move him to the ventilator.

Dr. Amarnath is hoping that this weekend or by Monday he will get rid of the edema and will be off the Dopamine, Lasix, steroids and oscillator. They don't want to push him so everything will happen on Nicholas time.


  1. That's great news ! I also noticed, from my visits, that he's not in the Sleeper slipper, and he seems a whole lot more comfortable.....Praying everyday..

  2. Keep it up little guy. Grandma is praying for her handsome boy. I'll see you soon. Make sure Grandma gets to see those blue eyes of yours.