Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shrinking Baby

Smaller than yesterday
But still a chunk!

The orange tube is his feeding tube giving him yum yums.

Nicholas had a very good day today. His urine output was excellent. They are moving the Lasix to every 8 hours now instead of every 6. They also removed his catheter because he was peeing around it. He is still swollen but not as big as yesterday. He will probably we off the Dopamine tonight too since his blood pressure is good.

They started him on half a cc per hour of milk around 2pm. They are going to push on with the feeds unless a blockage shows up but so far his x-rays look good.

His oscillator settings were weaned down a little too but they still want him to get rid of more fluid before moving him to the ventilator.

His liver and kidney ultrasounds looked good. His brain ultrasound showed no change in the size of the ventricles so they are still going to take out 10ml a day.

Kind of a boring day for him, but we like boring days.

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  1. Yummy milk!! Keep up the good work Nicholas:)