Thursday, January 22, 2009

Good News

Nicholas had a good day today. The EEG results showed no seizure activity so they discontinued the Phenobarbital. They increased his milk to 12.5ml an hour. He is down to 29 breaths per minute on his Nasal IMV. He is also receiving an inhaled steroid twice a day for his lungs. I held him today and he was actually awake!

I want to thank everyone for all the emails, messages, and comments we have been getting. I really enjoy reading them and it is such a nice feeling to know there are so many people following Nicholas' progress.


  1. Everyday when I read the blogs on Nicholas and when I visit him at the hospital, I can see that Nicholas is truly a miracle baby. I feel truly blessed that God has brought him into this family. All of my co-workers have told me that Nicholas is their "prayer baby". They are hoping someday they will be able to meet Mom, Dad, and Nicholas.

  2. I scrolled to the bottom of this blog and there is a "Visitor Map" for this blog I didn't notice before.
    The little blue boxes show that visitors to this blog are coming from all over the country. I would wager to say that each box represents at least one prayer chain. That's a powerfule lot of prayer gong on for Nicholas !! God is very involved in Nicholas' progress....