Friday, January 16, 2009

Busy Day

Too bad his IMV tubes cover his eyes, they were open.

Nick and his pacifier.

Nicholas had a very busy day today but it was a good day. He had his second eye exam and his eyes still look good and show no signs of ROP. They will check again in 2 weeks and since this disease shows up as babies get older he still isn't out of the woods. He had an EEG on his brain to look for seizure activity. They did this because of the possible seizure that he had a while back. We will know the results in a few days after the neurologist checks it. They increased his feeds to 6 ml and hour. His urine output was at 2.4 cc per kg per hour so I am a little concerned about that. His last dose of Lasix was yesterday so I hope his output isn't decreasing. His IMV was set at 36 breaths per minute and 30% oxygen. His nurse said he was probably just warn out from everything today and needed a little more help breathing. I coudld see that it is starting to irate his nose because he had a little scab inside is nostril. And, Daddy got to hold him for an hour today.

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