Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nasal IMV

Kind of scary looking but this is a good thing. The strap around his head holds the tube in place and the strap under his chin is supposed to keep his mouth shut but he likes to keep it open.

Nicholas was extubated and put on Nasal IMV today, nasal intermittent mandatory ventilation. This is a step up from the ventilator. It still is giving him breaths per minute but it is less invasive because the breaths go in through the nose rather than through a tube down his throat. They decided to extubate him while he is still on the steroids because they thought he would have a better chance of doing well on it. He had a blood gas while he was on it and it looked good. Keep your fingers crossed that he doesn't have to be reintubated.

His urine output was at 5 cc per kg per hour so far today, which is good. I thought his face looked swollen so his Lasix reduction might be starting to effect him.

They also increased his feeds again today to 4ml an hour. He has had a small residual but overall is tolerating them well.


  1. I stopped in for a visit at lunch, apparently right after they set Nick up with his new head gear. He was squirmin' mad ! What a fighter he's going to be ! He's a real boy and I love him that way. He was settled down by the time Grandma came for her visit a little while after I left.

  2. Good job little guy! We are cheering for you on the sidelines.