Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Big Day for Mama!

Look who's awake.

Nicholas is still doing well. I was able to hold him for about 5 minutes while the nurses were changing his isolette. He was wide awake before but zonked out as soon as I held him. Then he woke up again when he was back in his bed. I hope he continues to improve so we can hold him longer.
They increased his feeds to 3ml per hour.

His ventilator setting are good. He is on a rate of 20 breaths per minute and was at 21% oxygen. He will desat when he is getting his assessment and need more oxygen but goes right back down once he is settled.

His urine output is still good and they are weaning the Lasix to once a day. Cross you fingers he still pees!

His brain ultrasound showed the ventricles were larger than last time so they are increasing the amount taken out each day to 15ml and will reassess next week.

He was measured last night and is up to17 inches. He has grown 4 inches since he was born! They are still using an estimated weight of 4 pounds because they think he still has some extra fluid.

He has an eye exam scheduled for Friday. Pray that his eyes still look good and are free of ROP. Another good day. Keep it up Nicholas!


  1. Nicholas seems to know when his mama is holding him and when she is not. Grandpa and Grandma Matthews keep Nicholas in our daily prayers. Keep fighting Nicholas!

  2. Yay for both of you!! He is getting so big and oh so cute:)